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Silver rings with gemstones by Rawsen

Silver and precious stones seem to be born to live together: they are the perfect combination of light and color. In particular, when metal and gems come together in our silver rings with gemstones, they seem to make any detail shine of reflected light.

This is what you will find in Rawsen collection of silver rings with gemstones: a collection of shining natural stones set by hand, one by one, in vivid silver. Maybe you’re asking yourselves why we are talking about our choice. That’s because we want to share with all of you how we feel about creating our jewels: we enjoy all of them. the strength of the metal, the purity of the stone, the uniqueness of the creative motion.

As we would like to explain what lies at the root of our work, we tell you where the choice of sterling silver and semi-precious stones comes from. The reason is very simple: because the shiny stones we have chosen – onyx, zircons and garnet – seem born to be fused in our jewels.

Rawsen silver rings with gemstones: a matter of myth

To be honest, from our side the creation of rings is not just a matter of materials. What we like the most, in fact, are the stories: myths, in particular. For every stone we love there is a story, and that’s why we are so bounded to our silver rings with gemstones. Because we want our rings to be not just objects, but above all a treasure chest of images and sensations.

Onyx: black stone with a good degree of hardness. The name derives from the Greek “onux”, meaning “claw” or “fingernail”. Ancient Romans used to make pins, seals and pendants with onyx. On pendants they also used to engrave the zodiacal sign. In the Middle Ages the onyx was used as a talisman stone and it was believed to keep evil spirits away.

silver rings with gemstones onyx

Red garnet: very charming stone, its color apparently seems black, but actually hides some deep red, almost burgundy reflections. The name comes from the XIV century Middle English word “gernet”, meaning ‘dark red’. The garnet can be found in nature of various colors: red, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple, brown, black and blue, the most rare and precious.

silver rings with gemstones red garnet

Zircon: the name derives from the Arabic word “zarkun”, which means red, but also from the Persian word zargun, meaning gold-hued. Considered a virtuous stone since ancient times, zircon is said to have the power to spur the willpower in the pursuit of its objectives.

silver rings with gemstones zircon

All the stones we use for our Rawsen jewels are embedded directly by hand on the silver ring. This is what increases its value and longevity.

Discover our silver rings with gemstones Nereide, Rea, Crono, Doride and the entire collection of Rawsen silver rings.


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