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Rawsen Valentine's Day gift idea: Esperidi heart shaped silver ring

Esperidi, the heart shaped ring: Rawsen Valentine’s Day gift idea

There is still a few days left to Valentine’s Day, but although our shipping times are very short, we advise you not to trail behind to order a silver jewel. That’s why we give you a great Rawsen Valentine’s Day gift idea: the heart shaped ring Esperidi.

While we are eager to talk about the genesis of our heart shaped ring Esperidi, first of all we would like to spend a few words about why we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Rawsen Valentine's Day gift idea: Esperidi silver ring

Why is Valentine the patron saint of romantic love?

The history of the Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain: Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, an Italian Catholic priest. Actually, the Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus. Different saints, same fate: martyrdom.

It seems that the most verified argument is that Saint Valentine was born around 176 and at the age of 21 he was invested with the office of Bishop of Terni. He lost his life in 274 while he was in Rome. Why? Because he decided to celebrate a “mixed” marriage between a Christian young woman and a pagan Roman legionary. It is definitely hot topic, isn’t it?

Despite the ancient history of Saint Valentine, nowadays we celebrate Valentine’s Day thanks to the work of Geoffrey Chaucer. The poet wrote in the Middle Ages the poem “The Parliament of Fowls“, in which he associated for the first time Cupid to Saint Valentine.  Chaucer thus found the Christian heir of Cupid, the pagan god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection.

… and speaking of gods! Do you remember when in this article we told you that all our jewels are linked to Greek mythology? Well, now is the moment to understand how mythology enters the Rawsen Valentine’s Day gift idea: the heart of the Hesperides ring.

Rawsen Valentine’s Day gift idea: Esperidi, the heart shaped ring

So: we found out why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. But how do we celebrate it?

Rawsen Valentine’s Day gift idea, as mentioned before, is Esperidi the heart shaped ring. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift not just for the shaoe, but above all for the concept on its basis.

This sterling-silver ring is in fact handmade by our Tuscan goldsmiths: our artisans apply the ancient – and quite expensive, in terms of time – technique of lost-wax casting. If that’s not love…!

Designing and making a handmade silver ring is the result of a great passion for originality, indeed. Plus, it is the portrait of a boundless love for beautiful things. And in Rawsen, we are specialists about beautiful things: otherwise why would we have given our sterling-silver jewels the names of the gods of Ancient Greece?

Rawsen Valentine's Day gift idea: heart shaped silver ring Esperidi

Now it is clear Rawsen Valentine’s Day gift idea is so evocative: love, goldsmith art and Greek mythology. The name Esperidi – the Italian translation for Hesperides – is in fact named after the namesake nymphs, daughters of the Evening and of Atlas or Ocean. These young ladies were renowned for doing one thing in particular: to sing. And where did they sing? Well, on an island in the middle of the Ocean (in fact), where they kept a wonderful garden.

It so happens that in this mythical garden grew a tree with golden fruits… Let’s guess: according to the Greek mythology, what were these fruits? Nothing but the wedding gift of Zeus, the father of the gods, to his wife Hera. It all make sense, now!

We are sure that if Zeus had known Rawsen, would certainly have given one of the jewels of our collection as wedding gift… But since you have already met us, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Rawsen Valentine’s Day gift idea, and give an Esperidi heart ring as a gif to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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