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Rawsen silver jewelry: let’s begin!

If you are reading this post it means that Rawsen’s website is online. We are very pleased with our site, even if everything can be improved. And we are working to improve it. Indeed, we are thinking of a configurator to customize your Rawsen silver rings. We are also planning to enlarge our collection with silver bracelets (silver bracelet in Rawsen style will be available early next week in the Rawsen silver jewelry collection). We are thinking to put on the pendants and many other products, all in silver, all designed and made in Italy.

Rawsen’s passion for silver jewelery

However new this world may be for us, we already veterans (but it is just a feeling). We probably feel like this because we have been working on this project and on this site for a long time.

We have screened different hypotheses of layouts and templates: many of these have been discarded, others taken as a starting point. In the end we decided to take as a fixed point what has always boosted us: passion.

We do not know if this site will properly celebrate our silver rings, bracelets and silver pendants as they deserve, but this is our first wish.

The second thing we hope for is a long-lived future. To achieve this we obviously depend on you: on friends, on the curious and on future clients. Our wish is to satisfy everyone, not just by selling a beautiful silver ring but above all by moving people. Because silver ring gives us emotions. Because we offer top quality customer service and a packaging. And because we want to share with you all our passion.

Good luck to us and thank you for reading!

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