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Rawsen silver pendants: the best jewel ever

We were thinking about silver pendants… and we made them!

Rawsen Silver Pendants: the origin

Silver pendants: who reads our blog knows is perfectly aware that Rawsen is a brand that takes inspiration from travel, street and everyday life.

Quite often the ideas can come around a table. Sometimes they come while we are travelling to Tuscany, in order to control the artisanal production of our silver rings. Some other times ideas may come after lively debates.

Honestly we can not remember where the idea of ​​silver pendants  came from, if it was an adventure or a brain storming. The fact is that an idea came real: we are proud of introducing you Rawsen silver pendants.

As we said in past posts, we have always followed a method: the Rawsen method. It makes us different, as it goes by inspiration, design and production. The creative process of our silver pendants is a real experience, just like the creative process that leads to the creation of a silver rings collection (we have talked about this here). That’s what amazes us every time it starts. .

Silver Pendants Rawsen: the reason

Why exactly silver pendants? Because we think that from an organic point of view, pendants are very close to what we already do. As we have not the impertinence to start doing something that does not suits our method, this is our choice.

Silver pendants have always fascinated us because they can enhance the curve of a woman’s neck or the chest of a man. Plus, pendants can embellish a dress, or a shirt left open deliberately. In short, as a silver jewelry, pendants have all the features to belong to the list of the must-have accessories for next Fall.

Rawsen Silver Pendants: the design

The design of our silver pendants is very recognizable: each Rawsen pendant is a raw jewel, but elegant at the same time. As we often say, quality is our trademark: silver quality,finishes quality, detail quality. This makes our pendants unique pieces, that can stand out among hundreds of other pendants. Because each Rawsen silver pendant is born with one purpose: originality.

In our e-commerce you’ll find silver rings, both for men and women. We also suggest matching with earrings and bracelets.

We have many ideas in mind and most of them will see the light by the end of this year: do not miss one.

Acli silver pendant nail designAcli silver pendant nail design


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