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How to measure a Rawsen silver ring?

In this post we don’t want only to tell you how to measure a silver ring, but we’d rather want to answer a more universal question: how do I find my silver ring size?

There are several methods to measure a silver ring, ranging from the diameter of a finger or the diameter of the ring. In order to allow you to  calmly buy our silver rings from our shop online without making mistakes in size, Rawsen drafted a size guide. In each each silver you can find its own size guide: download it, and continue reading if you want to discover how to use it!

How to measure a silver ring: print the guide

To use Rawsen’s Silver Rings Size Guide, you only need a printer, a sheet of plain A4 paper (21X29.7), and a basic level of printer software knowledge. Set our printer on “real-size printing“. In the example given below, the scale must be set to 100% to set the print in real size.

How to measure a silver ring Rawsen 1

How to measure a silver ring: place the ring

To use Rawsen’s Silver Rings Size Guidein order to measure your silver ring, you need a ring that fits on your finger. Once you printed the size guide, place the ring with the correct size on the size comparison circle as shown on the size guide. See the image below.

How to measure a silver ring Rawsen 2

After doing this, measuring your Rawsen silver ring will be really simple. With the help of the system shown in the guide second page, in fact, you will be able to discover your precise measurement. The size table (see an excerpt in the picture below) is standardized for Italian measurements.

How to measure a silver ring Rawsen 3

How to measure a silver ring: the comparison table

As we want to take it right, Rawsen’s Silver Rings Size Guide includes a comparison table of sizes. Actally, sizes can vary in different International Measurement Systems, so we decided to show also European, American and English matching sizes.


To download the Rawsen’s Silver Rings Size Guide just click here, while if you want to see the Rawsen collection, click here.

If what you are interested in is the size of our bracelets, click here: in this article we explain how to properly measure your Rawsen silver bracelet … Yes, because Rawsen also designs and produces silver bracelets, too!

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