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The brand

Trying to tell Rawsen’s history, we could admit that our name is just the fortunate abbreviation of “Raw Sensation”, describing perfectly the tactile sensation of raw silver.
But it wouldn’t be enough.

We could also add that Rawsen represents an important historical reference: it comes from the Rosenkreuzer order, a secret group born thanks to Christian Rosenkreuz, who knew everything about the world’s secrets during a trip to the East.

But, even if it could be charming, anything of what mentioned before could describe our passion for silver jewelry.

Rawsen represents the continuous search of our concept of grace, it’s how we try to fight against the passage of time through processing silver, one of the substances which formed the universe, its shapes, lines, irregular and non-conventional curves, able to give us that inspiring raw sensation and give us the strength to express ourselves.

Our Team


Paolo Casadonte

Co-founder - Senior Designer

Federico Falciani

Co Founder - Marketing specialist