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Custom silver rings. Unique silver rings made in Italy

Rawsen custom rings: choose yours!

Custom silver rings: make them unique with initials and engravings

Men and women wear rings  indifferently. Posie rings, engagement or wedding rings, stone rings, mourning rings, signet rings: there are many different types of rings. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the ring that most reflects his/her own personality. But what if we propose you to create your custom silver rings and make it exclusively yours?

Of course, having something that we only possess, makes us feel special. This is why we decided to create a line of customizable silver signet rings with initials and engravings. But it is not a metter of being vain: it is rather a metter of uniqueness and… history.

In the past in fact, the Ancient Egyptians used the signet ring to engrave their distinctive mark on the frame. Also in the Middle Ages the seals were routinely used by nobles and sovereigns to stamp their own brand at the end of letters, edicts and documents.

Rawsen decided to offer an additional service to its customers. Why? Because what we want most is to give the opportunity to recognize him/herself in his/her own ring at every gaze. Letters, initials, logos, symbols or zodiacal signs: you can choose how to customize your silver ring,  and make it a unique piece.

In order to customize your silver ring, you only have to select your favorite model from the “personalized rings” section. After buying it, send us an email with your idea of ​​customization … We’ll look after the rest!

A silver ring is not just a jewel: it is something that represents you, your image and your style.

A ring is evocative, meaningful: it is like holding a memory in one hand, or better, in one finger!

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