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Raawsen silver ring

Rawsen, silver rings, silver pendants and silver bracelets, handmade in Italy.

Rawsen is a project born from the vision of three friends.

Introduce ourselves as goldsmiths or jewelers, would be a lie, we’re not, but we try to build modern goldsmith’s workshop, where the quality of the product is equal to the customer’s care, where the material used is modeled on each person’s tastes.

We are ambitious, but we are not arrogant and we try to give emotions to all of our customers.

Our collections are very different, every rings, every pendants and every bracelets tells a story.

We are ambitious and we hope that our ambition will meet the taste of all our customer.

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Every Rawsen’s rings, pendants and bracelets tells a story, as the name of each single jewel, names sought in the myths of peoples and millennia cultures.
We are ambitious and hope that our ambition will meet your taste because Rawsen alone is nothing, we needs someone that knows how to wear silver jewels, live and celebrate them.
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